Seller Home Inspection

The more you know about your home ahead of time, the more prepared you’ll be for negotiations.

Sell your home more quickly, more easily and often for more money with a Pre-listing inspection.

  • Get ahead of the curve. Find out what condition your home is in before you put it on the market.
  • A pre-listing inspection makes you aware of issues in advance of negotiating a purchase agreement, allowing you the chance to make repairs or have them accounted for upfront in the asking price. Major issues are more than likely going to come up eventually anyway so it’s in the seller’s best interest to find out about them and decide in advance how to address them.
  • See the home through the eyes of an unbiased, objective third-party. Sellers naturally have an emotional connection to their home. Quirks about how something operates (or doesn’t operate) often become second nature and we don’t notice them after a while.
  • Manage the inspection process rather than be at the mercy of the buyer’s choice of inspector.
  • You can be present during the inspection, which is normally discouraged during the buyer’s inspection. It’s their chance to really get to know the home. If you’re buying another home, you’ll want to do the same thing.
  • Have the opportunity to make your own repairs. By someone you trust.
  • Have the opportunity to build repair costs into the price of the house.
  • We’ll alert you to any items of immediate personal concern, including radon and sewer line condition if you opt to add those services.
  • Pricing the home accurately becomes much easier when you have information about the condition to support your price.
  • You decide whether or not to make recommended repairs, provide estimates instead, or do nothing.
  • Buyers often view the pre-listing inspection as a big positive that the seller is making every reasonable effort to disclose the home’s condition.

Add-On Options

  • Report Summary

    for prospective buyers. A PDF to add to your listing or feature sheet. Make available at open houses if you wish. $25

  • Report Summary Plus

    includes Summary above plus 50 printed color copies of Summary and a bound printout of the complete report. $50

  • On-Site Buyer Review

    includes a copy of the report and a one-hour walk through with an explanation of the inspection results with the original inspector. $225

Heartland Seller Home Inspection Includes:

  • Everything included in the Buyer’s Home Inspection

  • Opportunity to accompany inspector on inspection

  • Pre-inspected rider to attach to For Sale sign

  • A PDF copy of the report to share with buyers if you wish

  • $100 off the inspection of your future home.

Valuable benefits

  • Make your home show better if you decide to make some of the repairs

  • Remove over-inflated buyer estimates.

  • Reduce likelihood of drawn out negotiations.

  • Help improve the buyer’s confidence. Heartland’s credibility can make prospective buyers more comfortable. Often reducing conditional offers or 11th-hour renegotiations after buyer’s get their own inspection (some do for their own peace of mind).

  • Reduce the odds of the deal falling apart due to a buyer’s inspection revealing an unknown problem. Things can and do change in a home. And different inspectors see different things.

  • Add professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

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