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We know you want to move your transaction along as productively as possible. That’s absolutely our goal too. Heartland has ample availability to get you on the calendar quickly.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU. Current COVID precautions are detailed below. The inspector has the authority to request an inspection be rescheduled if conditions are not able to be met when he arrives at the property. As a business we are adhering to these protocols to reduce the possible spread of infection to all parties in the transaction, including our employees and their families.

This door sign will remind you when you arrive:

Sellers and Listing Agents

1. Do not approve a request for inspection if illness is anywhere in your home, your family, or your workplace.

2. Make arrangements to be gone during the 2 to 3 hour inspection. If it is a rental property, tenants will be notified and also make arrangements to be gone.

3. If requested, the inspector will be happy to text the Listing Agent when he is preparing to leave the home to let you know the sellers can return.

4. Make plans to sanitize touchable areas before/after the inspection. Such as, but not limited to, doorknobs, light switches, thermostats, cabinet hardware, and faucets.

TIP – Turn lights on throughout the home before you leave and the inspector will leave them on when he leaves. That will reduce the number of switches everyone touches. Many folks also leave cabinet doors open too.

5. The above also applies to renters if the property we’re inspecting is a duplex, triplex or fourplex.

Buyers and Buyers Agents

1. Up to two buyers and 1 agent are welcome to attend the inspection Summary. Masks and social distancing are required.

2. If you are hiring service technicians from another company during your buying process, make arrangements to have that work performed at another time. Not during the home inspection.

3. If you are ill, please DO NOT come. The inspector will call you with a thorough Summary instead.

4. The property report will be emailed to you and your agent later in the day and as usual, will include pictures and supporting information. If you have questions after reading the entire report, your inspector will be readily available.


Our highest priority is everyone’s health and well being. Our inspectors have been instructed to stay home if they aren’t feeling well and the inspection will need to be rescheduled.

We are committed to operating in a safe and responsible manner and staying informed and updated. All field employees are certified and have completed a C-19 Safety Guidelines For Home Inspectors course.


Heartland’s inspectors are the best in their field… but they’re not medical experts. They’re not even medical generalists and can’t be expected to know what is or isn’t a potential health risk other than in broad terms. They are in charge of the inspection process on-site and common sense goes a long way.

Heartland’s team is 100% committed to delivering outstanding inspection services and we are monitoring the news frequently. Please be aware that at any time we may have to suspend our service if the current situation changes.

Thank you for your patronage, your consideration and your referrals.

~ Vicki Hoeppner, General Manager & Owner

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