Should you skip a Home Inspection? The Risks Involved and the Options Available

As scales tip towards a sellers market many buyers and agents are often left weighing skipping the home inspection all together. When a seller is faced with choosing between twenty plus offers, it can be an attractive exemption in the offer.…

The Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Inspections

Your offer has been accepted and you're filled with happiness ,but before it's time to celebrate the purchase, make sure you'll enjoy that same happiness six months down the road. There's a lot more to a home inspection than simply searching…

Ungrounded Outlets – The “SHOCKING” Truth

I know the title sounds alarming but there’s a reason for it. We want to catch your attention about an important topic! With that said, inspectors at Heartland aren't known for being alarmists, we inspect homes because we enjoy informing and…
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